Thoughts every #CovidBride has about her wedding

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so they say. With more time on your hands than ever (thanks COVID!), who can blame you for overthinking & worrying about your wedding? Here are 5 thoughts every bride to be has had in lockdown.

Will I ever get married?

March 2020 is such a distant memory, you thought lockdown would be over in a few weeks and you could have the big summer wedding of your dreams. Now we’re stuck in Ground Hog day, and you’re wondering if you will ever get married. You wake up in cold sweats, visioning yourself being 100 years old and you’ve still not walked down the aisle.

Screw the big wedding – I want a holiday

Weddings, holidays, christenings – you name it, Coronavirus has put a stop to them all. Holidays give you a chance to explore new cultures and experiences, some of your happiest memories will be on holiday with your partner. Knowing there’s so much of the world you have yet to explore together, makes you feel like scrapping the big wedding and using the money for the holiday of a lifetime. Who can blame you, as long as you’re together, you’ll have everything you need!

I just want to be married

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that our loved ones are all that matters. Seeing people all over the world struggling and losing loved ones has made many of us re-assess our priorities. Being at home with your Love all day everyday, may have made you appreciate them even more. So much so, that you don’t care about a fancy party, you just want a small wedding and to finally say I DO!

Will I still like my dress?

Lockdown has got us having a love affair with loungewear. Your dream wedding dress that needs 2 bridesmaids to lace you into it, might not be so appealing right now. Let’s not get started on those killer wedding heels! Looking at pictures only makes us critical of ourselves, especially if you don’t have your friends to hype you up right now. Try to remember the feeling of wearing your beautiful dress. We’re totally with you if you want flat shoes though…

Should I change my theme?

You’ve had plenty of time to browse the internet (we’re looking at you pinterest), that now you’re second guessing your theme. It’s been so long since you sent your invites that you can change your theme and no-one will know! Go for it, swap your summer peonies for autumn pine cones. Go with the flow and reignite your spark for wedding planning.

The only certain thing we can take from this year is that nothing is for certain. It’s only natural to be worried when you have no control of the world around you. Take a minute to breathe and appreciate your health and happiness, and discuss any worries you have with your partner.

Comment any worries you have below & your tips for treating yourself during this crazy time.

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