Black Friday Categories to keep an eye on

Everyone raves about Black Friday as the best shopping day of the year but it can become overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Some things aren’t obviously wedding related so if you don’t have a list of categories to check out you may end up missing out.

We have put together a short list of categories to bear in mind that might help you with both your wedding planning and wedding preparations. These aren’t restricted to the big day itself, they are all about making you feel good and prepared. So grab a pen and start writing your wish list.


Now believe us when we say, no-one should change who they are for their wedding. Your significant other loves you exactly as you are and that is why they want to marry you. But we can’t deny that everyone loves a good pamper, and in the stress of planning everything else this can easily get overlooked.

If you’re wanting to get your hair in tip-top condition then less heat is the way to go but if you’re a fan of perfectly styled hair then this is just a no-no. Enter the Dyson Airwrap – the reviews for this are soooo good but it is also rather pricey. We’re hoping that Black Friday will offer a nice discount and hopefully from a retailer that lets you try it and return.


Black Friday clothes sales don’t immediately scream wedding but if you keep an eye out you can find some real gems. Retailers often have occasion dresses (think Christmas ball / party) which can double up as pretty fancy Bridesmaid dresses. Filter searches by maxi dress or occasion dress to narrow it down, but remember any dress can be a Bridesmaid dress – it is completely up to you!

Shoes are also a good one to find. Absolutely any shoe can be a wedding shoe from trainers to sandals, the possibilities are endless. Look out for stores having a sale and head straight to the shoe section. Just bear in mind the length of your dress if you have had any alterations already.

Arts & Crafts

Budding DIY brides could pick up some crafty bits in the Black Friday Sales. One high end piece of kit to keep an eye out for is a Cricut machine. This will allow you to print vinyls for glasses, coat-hangers and wedding favours. Searching Pinterest for ‘cricut’ will give you an endless amount of ideas to add a special DIY touch to your wedding.

If you don’t fancy doing or spending that much, then a small craft kit or journal is the perfect way to take some time out from wedding planning and relax. Just focusing on the task in hand will allow you to practice mindfulness and de-stress.


Speaking of de-stressing, if you’re overwhelmed with thoughts, an amazing way to clear your head is exercise. Hear us out! Exercise will release endorphins which make you feel happier. We are absolutely not endorsing any kind of weight loss plan for your wedding, you are perfect as you are. But eating healthy and moving more is sure to make you feel better and think clearer. Keep a look out for fancy workout gear or even equipment that allows you to try a new fun way to exercise. We are big fans of hula hooping… try it!

We hope this has helped you to compile a small ‘wants’ list for Black Friday. Remember to only buy what is on your list to avoid overspending, that wedding budget isn’t going to save itself!

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